We got the right approach and mindset to discover the next big leap.

We make sure that your learning experiences are the heart and soul of your education.

We help you find your individual goals.

Together, we tailor your roadmap to your goals.

We can assist you with any specific aspect of your educational path

  • Summer Experiences & Programs
  • Language Schools
  • High school Career & Boarding Schools
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Work Experience

or be there to guide you throughout your path. Our full range of services as well as our diverse array of price points offers flexibility to families with specific needs or financial limitations.

At Career Paths, our counselors work side-by-side with you to:

  • Refine your path based on your unique strengths and interests
  • Develop and polish a thorough resume to reflect on your skills to showcase your achievements
  • Outline an intensive and holistic plan of study for academics
  • Select extracurricular and summer activities specifically geared to highlight your distinctive talents
  • Determine various possibilities of schools and/or universities to shortlist them together
  • Determine which schools to visit and learn how to make the most of your time there
  • Practice and prepare for presenting your best self during an interview
  • Draft and refine a thoughtful personal statement that highlights your unique personality in a way that appeals to top-tier schools & programs
  • Assess offers of admission and most effectively respond to wait-list and deferral letters