Career Paths d.o.o. the leading Educational Family Office in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

We are guiding you through academic and career decisions.


Passion + Experience = Results

We strive to spark curiosity and genuine enthusiasm in our students and provide them with the opportunity and the support system to find their path and develop a passion and skill set that will set them apart.

We believe in experiential learning and we support students and their families to shape and transform all academic and life experiences into learning experiences which will lead students to increase awareness, set goals as well as their independent academic and career decisions.


We enhance personal development through the identification of capabilities and talent as well as the ability to decide which path is the personal right one.


Our aim is to teach appropriate and innovative tools & methods which are used for analyses of personal values, gain self-awareness, identify interests and skills to focus and learn from experience.


Together, we build and develop ideal personalized academic & career paths for individuals. Every of our students (and its family) is followed through a professional one-to-one approach.


Dolly Predovic founded and is the CEO of Career Paths Italy an internship provider and consulting company in the field of education.
Dolly was professor of Corporate Finance at SDA Bocconi. She was director of the International Executive Education division, then director of the Master in Corporate Finance and for over 20 years professor of Corporate Finance and Valuation in the MBA. She has published numerous books and articles, above all on the topic of Brand Valuation. Dolly has been an independent counsellor at Pirelli RE, and currently sits on the Supervisory Boards of two banks and of Hrvatski Telekom, part of the Deutsche Telekom group.
Dolly holds a BSc in Business Administration and a MSc in Finance. She graduated from Bocconi in 1989 with top marks and the publication of her master thesis. Dolly is currently completing her PhD in Higher Education Internationalization.

Jasmina Bagaric is a Croatian entrepreneur and businesswoman. Living abroad for years, she lived and experienced the US, Greece, Italy, and Spain to the fullest. Coming back to Croatia, she founded in 2009 the multi-brand store Clan in Zagreb and is successfully buying the newest trends around the world. 2013 Jasmina came up with the idea to bring desserts on a new level. She successfully designed the concept of Magnolia Slastice in Zagreb. From one little Magnolia store, it developed into three beautiful cafes, which are local interior design highlights and popular Instagram spots. Magnolia Slastice is well known and cherished for its delicious and spectacular looking cakes and desserts.
Jasmina graduated in law, co-founded Career Paths d.o.o. and is responsible for Client Acquisition, Marketing & PR.

Josipa Bagaric, is CEO and Co-Founder of Career Paths d.o.o.. She is bringing over 10 years of international Human Resources experience to the team. Prior to founding Career Paths d.o.o., Josipa worked for corporate, insurance, retail, and start-up companies, such as Allianz SE, Ralph Lauren Corporation (in Munich, Geneva and New York) and (was owned by Zalando SE). Her areas of expertise include Talent Development, Management Coaching, Process Improvement, Employee Relations, Recruiting and Focus on Full Employee Life-Cycle needs.
Josipa holds a degree in Business Administration and is managing the operational area at Career Paths d.o.o., that means she supports and follows each client and ensures the right placement for each student.